Who are We?

DCIM103GOPROAfter several years of nomadic existence we have come a long way from the city life and office jobs we were once directed towards. Some consider us unambitious, but we don’t care much for careers and fancy titles. We have focused our lives on the outdoors, living in Norwegian fjord country in close proximity to the mountains and the many possibilities they offer. During the past few years we’ve worked as mushers, guides and a variety of hospitality jobs while completing several long distance hikes all over the planet. There’s a few things that we’ve come to believe in. Life is at its best when it is at its simplest. Whatever it is you aspire, just go for it. Nothing is impossible until it’s been tried. Our names are Eef and PJ. On this website we have compiled the stories of our journeys and the best tips for long-distance mountain adventures in New Zealand, Nepal and Norway.