Te Araroa

A final bed and a final meal


So then, this is it! Tonight will be our final night in a bed and our last good meal before we get on the trail. We just got to Whangarei now, a small city in Northland. Tomorrow morning we are catching a ride with a vey friendly Kiwi woman who has offered to take us to Kaitaia. From there it is a straight line to the Cape, and depending on how good the hitching is going we might be there tomorrow evening already.


Rotorua has been a great detour on the way up. We haven’t really spent time in Auckland but will do so when we are walking by it, it seems like a great city.

It’s been funny to talk to other travellers. Except for the woman working in the DOC office in Wellington nobody really seems to understand what we are doing. Even after repeated explanations that we are walking across the country we usually still get asked: ” So, you are traveling by bus then?”. One guy in an outdoor store was very impressed this morning when we said we were going to walk all the way back from Cape Reinga. That is only 1/5th of the road but hey at least we got the walking concept through!

We are both a bit nervous, put at the same time relaxed that we will soon get going. Tomorrow we will but our bounce box in the mail, get our supplies from the supermarket and that is that. Nothing left to do but walk.

As soon as we get going we will start tracking so don’t forget to check out where we are!

4 thoughts on “A final bed and a final meal”

  1. Super super and verry verry good luck!!
    Benieuwd om al die impressies verteld te horen. Hou het veilig!
    Groetjes! Nicky en Jef ook natuurlijk


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