Bibbulmun Fun Facts

Kalamunda – Albany 44 days


  • Trail Slogan: Ice! In Australia!
  • Distance covered: 966km
  • Number of walking days: 39
  • Number of resting days: 5
  • Number of nights in a tent: 3
  • Number of nights in a shelter: 9
  • Number of nights in a tent in a shelter: 23


  • Number of nights in a bed (hostel, hotel, motel): 9
  • 6 weeks weather forecast: cold
  • Average km/day: 24.8
  • Top speed: 7,5km/h
  • Slowest speed: 2km/h (the very first hour)
  • Longest day (distance): 41 km, from Grimwade to Blackwood campsites and from Lake Marinup to Mount Chance campsites
  • Longest day (time): Boarding House to Beedelup campsite, 11 hours, 39km
  • Shortest day: Northern Terminus to Hewitt’s Hill campsite, 10km
  • Highest “mountain” climbed: Mt. Cooke, 583m


  • Earliest start: 7.30, from Grimwade campsite
  • Number of broken gear items: PJ: 4, Eef: 7
  • Number of warm, woollen gear items purchased to reinforce the troops: PJ: 1, Eef: 2
  • Number of injuries: PJ: 1, Eef: 1
  • Favourite sections: PJ: walking into the Donnelly area and the stretch along the south coast, especially the final days
    Eef: Peaceful Bay to Albany
  • Least favourite sections: PJ: from Dwellingup to Balingup , Eef: around Albany Highway
  • Number of mental breakdowns: PJ: 0, Eef: 1 (about socks)
  • Body changes:
    PJ body weight 67 → 63 kg
    Eef body weight 64 kg → 59 kg
  • Favourite shelter: West Cape Howe campsite, close follow-up: Rame Head campsite


  • Longest section without a shower: PJ: 16 days, Eef: 12 days
  • Record pee breaks/hour: PJ: 2, Eef: 6
  • Number of poisonous snakes/spiders spotted: 0
  • Amount of food consumed: 29,9 kg (plus all the stuff we didn’t count…)
    Noodles: 77 packages or 6,5 kg
    Pasta: 46 packages or 4,8 kg
    Nutella: 10 jars or 4 kg
    Oats: 238 sachets or 8,3 kg
    Chocolate: 6,2 kg


  • Most memorable moment (told by Eef):
    At the end of a long day from Blackwood to Donnelly River Village I realized it was coming close to 5. We needed to make the general story in tiny DRV, and it was saturday, so I started sprinting the final 6 kilometers in the hope I’d make it. At the end I arrived at 17.20, bummed, but there were still people in the store. Somewhat unsure I entered:”Are you still open? Sort of, what are you after? Oh just a bit of food to fill up my pack. We can fix that. The kitchen is closed but you can still buy something. And where are you staying?” After a bit more info I decided to wait for PJ to see if we wanted to sleep inside. “Sure thing, would you like a glass of wine while you’re waiting?” I was baffled. Here I was, in the general store in Donnelly, still in sweat and smelly after a long day holding a glass of wine and looking at all the neatly dressed people in the crowd. A few of them came over for a chat. They asked what number I was in (which chalet), and I explained I just walked in from the Bibbulmun Track. “Oh so you LITERALLY just WALKED in?” There was some astonishment and I got curious why they were all there: “So what do you do? Oh I own this village. What?!?!?!” At that point I saw PJ out of the corner of my eye coming in through the rain. “Hej PJ, the party’s in here!” Moments later he too was was rather baffled holding his glass of wine, and we listened to the story of how Donnelly River Village (yes, the entire village) had been for sale for five years and how two groups of friends each wanted to buy it, found each other and joined forces. “Make sure you stick around in the morning to see some of the tame roos and emus!” So we did. We woke up to an emu parade on the main street and couldn’t stop laughing while making our way back to the general store, finding kangaroos sunbathing around every corner and on many front lawns. What a surreal place. Just as it had appeared, it disappeared in the forest in a snap. Like it wasn’t real!

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